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Introducing Sprocket

Sprocket CEO, Jesse Lund talks about the evolution of money and introduces a new way to bank.

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Sprocket CEO, @jesselund talks about the evolution of money and introduces a new way to bank. Sprocket is a financial services company that is converging conventional banking, digital assets, and decentralized finance into a single customer experience. Sprocket strives to serve an unmet need in an emerging industry, enabling consumers, commercial entities and financial institutions to manage crypto, cash, currencies, payments, credit cards, digital assets, and financial transactions all in one place, on a global scale, with fewer intermediaries and lower fees. Sprocket Financial, LLC is a subsidiary of TS Banking Group, a bank holding company regulated by the United States Federal Reserve, and will operate with nationally-chartered banking and trust powers.

Everything you need to know about Sprocket.

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Experience a new way to bank.